Thursday, April 7, 2011

Troy's Mom (an update)

I'm not sure if you all are interested in these updates but it's something I think and pray about before falling asleep every night. I've only met Troy's mom twice but she's my age and she was completely healthy. During a neck adjustment at the chiropractor's office her vertebral artery was torn which caused a stroke and damaged her brain stem. Her brain stem is damaged but the rest of her brain is functioning just fine (according to the doctors.) She's able to hear, see, understand, etc. etc. but she's not able to speak or move. According to the latest CaringBridge update, "The Doctor described the feeling she is having as being locked in a box." It's hard for me to even think about what she is going through. From what I hear she is a fighter. I'm praying for her and I truly believe in the power of prayer. Please pray for her as well.

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nicole. said...

omg. this is awful. my thoughts and prayers are with the family. i recently started seeing a chiropractor... and now i dont want to :(