Saturday, April 16, 2011


Spring in the South is Perfect. In between thunderstorms (and occasional tornado watches) the weather is wonderful. (The storms aren't so bad either. We have a basement for shelter and the rain only lasts for 20 minutes or so before moving on. Nothing like the 30 day drizzle in the PacNW!)

low humidity, comfortably warm temps and lots of playing outside Lauren actually drove the golf cart. Today was another perfect day. We grabbed lunch and went to the park in Senoia (pronounced Senoy by the locals.)

the monkeys the Tylers looking for ticks exploring in the woods


To top it all off on this perfect day Matt and I are going on a dinner date while Mr. Mike (Tera and Tyler's Dad) and Mr. Dave (Troy's Dad) hang out with all the kids. Perfect I tell ya.

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