Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Today marks the halfway point of our Spring Break 2011. (we sure love our breaks here in GEORGIA...Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter and now Spring) Our days have been productive yet monotonous. I thought I'd choose TODAY since I don't have much to say to give you a run down of a typical Spring Break day in the Untangling Life household.

5:30am: Both kids wake up, tiptoe downstairs and then play LOUDLY for two hours while I pretend to sleep.

7:30am: Matt and I "wake-up." (Matt likes to sleep in during Spring Break.)

8:00am: Breakfast

8:15am: Matt leaves for work. (Every morning he wishes he didn't have to drive 45 minutes to his office.)

9:00am: The kids and I leave for the YMCA. I work out and they play in the child-watch.

11:00am: We leave the Y and head to the park to meet up with our Mom's Club friends.

At the park we eat lunch, play on the playground, and feed the geese

2:00pm: We head home from the park.

2:15pm: I shower (finally) and the kiddos play the Wii.

3:30pm: We leave for Lauren's gymnastics class.

5:00pm: Head home from gymnastics to find Matt prepping dinner. (yay!)

6:00pm: Eat Healthy Sausage Pizza with Sweet Peppers (awesome pizza!)

7:00pm: Clean up, have a snack and then watch educational videos on the iPad. (sometimes I love that thing)

They were loving the Brain Pop app !

(very educational...check it out)

8:00pm: Two very tired kids get tucked into bed, with a firm warning that they are not allowed to get up until the clock says "6:30am!"

8:30pm: I start to post my blog.

9:00pm: I'm so ready for bed...after I watch an episode of General Hospital, of course. =)

G'Night Y'all

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