Wednesday, April 27, 2011

tornado watch - moderate risk

The news tells me we are under a tornado watch until 2am tomorrow morning. The radar maps show me my county has a moderate risk of severe weather. We haven't been at a moderate risk since the tornadoes ripped through downtown Atlanta in 2009. Because of this, and also my Facebook poll where I asked if we should sleep in the basement or not, I have decided we will camp out in the basement. Of course, Matt is not home so it will just be the children and I.

Don't worry. I'm sure since I have gone through so much emergency preparation today (i.e. flashlights and radios are full of fresh batteries, storm shelter is on my garden) that nothing will happen. We may not even get a drop of rain. But if we do...we're ready for it.

We're ready for it AND our bellies are full. Dinner on the Fly #2: Pizzadillas (get it: pizza + quesadilla?!)

Simple, Easy to Make, Lauren loved them and Tyler gagged because of the "soggy olives" (his words.)

shredded mozzarella, chopped pepperoni, chopped olives, sprinkle of salt

top with a another tortilla and heat on the stove-top until cheese is melted

Pizzadilla + salad + strawberries = a very tasty dinner on the fly

I had a salad (the one pictured below) with a veggie burger crumbled on top.
(These dinners on the fly aren't so hard...I'll have to do this more often.)

Currently the kiddos are all snuggled up in the basement watching a movie. I'll let them fall asleep in this bed but come later this evening this will be my bed.

They will be moved to their sleeping bags on the floor.

I better finish this post before the power/internet/phone goes out. Stay safe tonight and sleep tight.


nicole. said...

ok.. its morning and you should share an update with those of us who are wondering what happened? eriks says, how do you know so much about what she is doing? bbahahhahaha

brian said...

I agree with Nicole. Are you alive?

Christine said...

It was a nasty system of storms. I was up until 1am watching the news and waiting for the tornado warnings to expire. The kids slept through everything. The worst storms were both north and south of us. (and in Alabama!)