Thursday, April 21, 2011

On the Road Again

I LOVE to Run! In a perfect world I would run every single day. However, my left knee does NOT like to run. For awhile I just ran through the pain but nothing good ever came of that. (such as: $$ to see the Orthopaedic Dr., $$ for the knee brace, $$ for the physical therapy, and $$ for whatever else) Now I prefer to exercise at the gym...4-5 days per week balancing cardio with strength training. This week, however, I was not able to make it to the gym but I had an hour or so of free time each day. Guess what I did?

I gave into those voices in my head and got back on the road again. Yesterday I ran 3.6 miles in 38 minutes and today I ran 4 miles and then walked 3 miles in 90 minutes. My knee aches mildly but I'm excited to find out that I am back in shape by taking all these classes at the YMCA. Maybe I'll be just fine if I have to retire from running all together. (wipes tear from eye)

P.S. I didn't make it to the Y today because Tyler had his Pre-School Easter Party.

the massive egg hunt

my favorite boy eating his Easter party snack

I'm not sure when I'll be 'on the road again' but it sure felt good to 'pound the pavement'.

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