Monday, April 11, 2011

silver bells and cockle shells

Eight days after planting seeds (and the tomato and strawberry plants) my garden is growing. I think it's the cutest little thing. All of my vine plants are sprouting up: Tomato, Peas, Cucumbers and Beans
lettuce my aggressive strawberries (anyone know? Can I trim them back?) onions
swiss chard

(it's hard to see the green sprouts but trust me, they're there)

I'm going to dream about a fresh salad tonight!

Tonight, however, brings us another slight chance of severe weather. Since Matt is out of town Mr. Buddy set up my nasty-weather garden-shelter for me. (Everyone needs a Mr. Buddy for a neighbor!) my budding fresh salad is snug as a bug

The weather radio already went off with a Tornado Watch for the overnight. Unfortunately it went off within ear shot of Lauren who for the first time freaked out. She heard it mention thunder, lightening and hail. (oh the hail!) She sobbed that the thunder scares her, the lightening hurts her eyes and, amidst gasping sobs, that Tera told her hail can make a huge hole in her head. Tera and I will have a chat the next time I see her. =)

I assured Lauren that my job was to keep her safe and no matter what I would.

I love these intense storms (including the weather radio for warning and the basement for shelter) and if we ever move back to the Pacific NW I will miss them.

Moving on: I talked to Matt today and he is doing much better. He was able to give his presentation as scheduled and was actually going out to eat some dinner. I told him to order whatever he ordered VERY WELL DONE. I should probably insist that he only eat my cooking. We rarely eat out at restaurants but when we do he often (well twice now) catches some kind of bug.

One last thing: Tyler says the absolute coolest things. He's very literal and analytical. After watching a mattress commercial on TV he said, "Mama, have you ever seen a mattress that growed?"

"No son, I haven't"

"Well it was on TV and they said it was 16 years old."

(Since we have Tivo/DVR and normally fast-forward through all the commercials, he thinks it's a special treat to watch them and he listens intently.)

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