Monday, April 4, 2011

Tornado Watch Tonight

It looks like the tornado already hit but don't worry this is just Tyler, Lauren, Tera and Big Tyler playing. I'm not sure what they are playing and I'm not sure who won. All I know is no one cried and that makes me a happy Mama. The Tornado Watch for Atlanta is already in effect but the bad weather shouldn't hit us until around 1 o'clock in the morning. I'm a little bummed about this weather system coming through since I just planted my garden YERSTERDAY! So while the children played on the swings...

Matt built a shelter for my little garden.

(ain't he awesome?!)

No, it's not for the children...but for my little plants and seeds.

(For the shelter he used a rug from the 2009 Final Four basketball tournament. I'm guessing he got this rug from our friend who works for Coke...ya think?)

He staked it in to hold up against the potentially strong winds.

I opened my water container to hopefully capture some free rain water. As the sun set and the high winds set in the girls played in the sandbox...

and the boys played with the iPad.
I think the storm is supposed to fly by just North of us but I'm sure we'll 'enjoy' some thunder and lightening tonight.

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nicole. said...

holy cow tornado watch....