Saturday, February 18, 2012

Be Mine, Valentine

I heart Valentine's Day.  I know most people think it is simply a corporate conspiracy to sell chocolates, cards and flowers but I'm not one of them.  February pretty much stinks...cold, wet, dormant, dark, lasts forever despite it being the shortest month... so I'm happy for a little holiday cheerfulness in the form of materialistic tokens of love.
(Stepping off of my soap box now to upload some Valentine's Day pictures)

Valentine's Day started off with school parties for Lauren and Tyler.  Tyler's was first but for some reason I didn't take out my camera.  His class opened their Valentine's Day cards and then had an ice-cream sundae party.  His Valentine was a hit.  I did fess up that I copied the idea from Pinterest.

Lauren's party was next.  My job as Room Mom was to coordinate it.  Due to a family emergency Lauren's teacher wasn't there so Mrs. A (the sub) and I were on our own.

 We had four stations to complete and only an hour to do it. (clockwise starting top left)
1. ice-cream sundae:  They were given a scoop of chocolate or vanilla ice-cream and then topped it with their choice of toppings...syrups, marshmallows, strawberries, chocolate chips etc. etc. 
2. Mail Room:  they read the Valentine's from their classmates.
3. decorate (and eat) a sugar cookie: as if they weren't sugared up enough.  
4. Chalkboard Tile Craft:  The kids really enjoyed the craft.  One of my parent helpers lightly applied Elmer's glue in the shape of a heart on the tile.  The children then wrapped the tissue paper squares around the pencil eraser and stuck it onto the tile.  They did a great job.  

Luckily (for Mrs. A) the end of the V-day party also marked the end of the school day so the kids could crash from all the sugar at home.

Lauren's completed craft.
(I suggested she write "I Love Mommy")

Back home the Valentine's Day party continued.
Lauren got a new t-shirt and some clip-on earrings.
She has decided she likes the UGA Bulldogs (as opposed to the GA Tech Yellow Jackets) and has been wanting a t-shirt.
(She likes the Bulldogs because a boy in the class who thinks she's cute likes Tech...go figure.)
 Tyler got a lantern (which was on his Christmas list along with a "bomb" remember?) and also a UGA t-shirt.  He likes the Bulldogs because Lauren does.

Valentine's Day was a big success and to top it Matt and I exchanged gifts (shoes for him, sunglasses for me) and went out on a dinner date.  Maybe I will survive this *bleak and bleary winter month after all.

*knocking on wood/a disclaimer:  This has actually been one of the mildest winters I've ever experienced but I still can't wait for the new life of Spring...blossoms, leaves and green grass.

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