Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day Cards

It's time for a new post.  I'm over my Silent Migraine and Silent Panic Attack.  Everything is okay but I will mention it to my doctor the next time I go in for my annual check-up.  Thanks for your comments, e-mails, and phone calls.  (both of you Moms!)

So let's move on to something Sweeter.  

It is fast approaching and both L and T have their V-day school parties on Tuesday.
Since we are doing fancy schmancy (Pinterest inspired) Valentine's cards...
we started the project early.

Last week, I took a picture of both L and T with an outstretched fist...and focused on the fist.
I decorated them via Picnik and printed them out into 3x5 inch photos.

Today, Tyler and Lauren both filled out their envelopes with their classmates' names.

 Matt used a box knife to add a couple of slits to the outstretched fist in the photo.
Insert a Sucker and Out Comes...
a Pretty Awesome Valentine!

P.S.  While I was typing this post, ABC news interrupted the children's "Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown" TV show to break the devastating news that Whitney Houston died today at age 48.  Although I wasn't a big fan of hers recently I find myself really upset by this news.  She was my first record and cassette tape and my first ever singer/songwriter crush.  What the heck?!


Anne C said...

I love them! They turned out great! I can't wait to see how the room mom activities go this time. :) Oh, I found a valentine trail mix on looks yummy and easy. I shall be making it for my kiddos!
Have tons of fun!

brian said...

those V-Day cards are awesome! +1 for Pinterest.

nicole. said...

i totally wanted to do this... and braeden had different ideas {which is surprising because he typically has his fist out anyways}

like father like son. when i want him to do something he refuses.

im sure next week he will oblige.

those are CUTE