Monday, February 13, 2012

this and that

I'm watching (the train wreck that is ) The Bachelor so this post is going to be more of a list of this and that.  Be forewarned...I'm distracted.

*Lauren had her softball tryouts last Saturday.  (It was more of a placement than a tryout, in that, every girl makes a team.)
It was freezing out as Winter has finally arrived in the South.  There were about 25 girls being evaluated for the U8 softball teams.  Five girls at a time took the field to hit, catch and run the bases in front of about 10 coaches.  When it was Lauren's turn she got pretty nervous and ended up shedding a few tears.  After being comforted by all the female coaches she got out there and whacked a coach pitched ball.  I was proud of her and I hope my enthusiasm made up for her the time she spent crying and she'll still enjoy playing softball.

 Daddy and Lauren warmed up before try-outs 
*After softball we did some shopping at Dillards.  Out of every single item in the whole entire store Tyler only found one T-shirt and one pair of shorts he liked.  (see the pic below)  I, on the other hand, found plenty for myself.
Unleash the Beast

*Tyler came home from school today with his first LOOSE TOOTH!!!! 
He said it was my fault because I made the PB&J sandwich that caused his tooth to make a "cracking sound" when he bit into it.  To be honest...I don't want my baby to lose his baby teeth....EVER. 

the loose tooth is on the bottom left

*Valentine's Day
The school parties are tomorrow and the personal cards have been pouring in via the USPS.  Homemade and Heartfelt cards from all the loving Grandparents.
Even I received a Valentine today (from my Mom.)  Although the card was addressed to Matt and Me somehow there were some presents inside for Lauren and Tyler as well.  The Thank You is in their smile.

*MUSIC...We love MUSIC.
Today I was happy to come across a Whitney Houston tribute channel on Sirius XM.  I was excited because for the life of me I could not find a cassette player to play my favorite Whitney Houston tapes (which I still have and in mint condition.) Where is my Walkman now that I need it?! 

The kids love music as well.
Kids Place Live on Sirius XM is a favorite but they seem to be slowly growing out of it...despite my protests.

We also enjoy some Pandora:

Children's Indie Radio!/stations/play/752983814252653417

Kidz Bop

One day Kidz Bop played the Chipmunks Remix of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" song
(click the link below to hear it)
[Chipmunks Remix]
When he heard the song Tyler told me, "This is the song Shae sings (fellow Kindergarten classmate) when he pretends to smoke a cigarette."  T then laughed hysterically.
I bet Shae's parents will laugh when I share that with them at the Valentine's Day party tomorrow.  ...Or Will They?  =)

OK...enough of This and's time to get back to the Bachelor...the train wreck that it is.  The Rose Ceremony is almost here.

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