Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Name Game

When playing school or make believe with her friends Lauren most often chooses to be called "Erin."

Today she was Mommy "Erin" with two baby daughters who needed to be named.

In the process of coming up with names she asked me what her name was going to be if I didn't name her Lauren Taylor.  I told her she was always going to be named Lauren Taylor.  However, if her brother had been a girl he would have been named Maya Reese (or Reese Maya, we hadn't quite decided.)
I also told her my name history.
My Mom (Grammy) liked the name Christina but my Dad (Grandpa Bob) thought Christina sounded too much like a "girls" name.  hmmm.
hence, "Christine"

I don't think she was too impressed with my girl name stories because she immediately asked how to spell the names "Katie" and "Mia."
(I have to say I like an independent thinker!)

Meet Baby "Katie," her sister "Mia" is just out of the picture.

In the background you'll find Lauren's "Map of Europe" Quiz.
Yes, you read that right:  98%! Way to Go!!
Thanks to the REACH program,
She knows the European countries, capitals and their location on a map.

Not to Name Names but I love Tyler's goofy school picture.
Can you find him?
(he's wearing red)
(my apologies for the blurry picture of a picture)

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Gloria said...

Actually, Grammy liked the (nick)name Christy - but Christine did not agree. So I lost two times in the name game.