Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sporty Weekend

 The kids had their LAST basketball game of the season on Saturday.

Unfortunately, both Lauren and Tyler played at the same time.
I tried to sit in the middle but since Matt was coaching Tyler's team I made sure to sit on Lauren's side.
I love Tyler's coach (my husband) but I need to say I really loved Lauren's coach too.
He was always positive and full of enthusiasm.  He would jump up and down in excitement no matter what the girls did.
And he was exactly the type of coach Lauren needed.
She always said she had fun after every practice and every game.
World's Best Coaches

Proud Basketball Mom

Tyler's End of Season Celebration

The Upward LIONS

Immediately from the basketball game we went to the tee-ball and softball registration.
We're all about the baseball now.

Today, we are enjoying the gorgeous weather and playing with friends while we wait for the 
Super Bowl.

Hope y'all had a great weekend!


Shanna said...

Florida sure has funny-looking grass! :)

Christine said...

It goes dormant in the winter and turns a lovely shade of brown. Yuck. (it's Georgia grass but I'm sure Florida's is funny looking as well.) =)

Shanna said...

Oh right, Georgia grass. hee hee, oops!

brian said...

i see a good looking swing in the making for Lauren