Sunday, February 19, 2012

Zoom Zoom

If you missed my post yesterday then you may not know Matt bought a New Car!

He's been doing his research...
(Matt insists you watch the video above)

 ...and saving his money.

Dave Ramsey would be proud because he paid cash for this 2012 MazdaSpeed3.

sleek in silver

Today Matt's been volunteering all sorts of errands.

He took us all to Starbucks to get coffee and hot chocolates this morning
and then he offered to pick up Subway sandwiches for lunch.
(let me tell you this car has some power!)

Since he doesn't turn 40 until next year he's already telling me this does not count as his "mid-life crisis" vehicle.  He still thinks there's a flashy Corvette in his future.  We'll see about that.
His "mid-life crisis" vehicle just may be a Lexus (for me.)

Car For Sale:
1992 Honda Civic, 155,000 miles, brand spankin' new breaks
make an offer
(hopefully we can get a hold of this guy)


brian said...

I'll trade ya a 1992 Toyota Pick-up w/ 197,000 lite miles :)

nicole. said...

too bad your not closer... we just started car shopping for amira.

Gloria said...

Okay I watched the video - now can I drive it when I come to visit?