Friday, February 24, 2012

Artwork at the Y

This morning like most mornings this week (Winter Break from school) the kids and I went to the YMCA.

I took the 3-2-1 class.
(3 min. cardio - 2 min. strength - 1 min. abs and repeat for an hour)

Lauren joined the over-6 crowd for a game of tag in the gymnasium.

And Tyler did some painting in the under-6 room.

When I picked him up from childwatch the director asked if she should be concerned for Tyler.
She handed me the picture Tyler painted.

Yes, it kind of looks like the person on the colorful platform brutally wounded and pushed the other guy off the platform.
At home Tyler told me the guy actually dove off the platform to go for a swim and the guy on top is going to take a running dive as well.
(no worries DFCS)

This is the other painting he made.
It looked interesting so I asked him what it was.
My third child (9-year-old Joshua from across the street) said the red and black thing looks like a "Poke Ball" and then named a couple of other Pokemon in his painting.

#644 Zekrom (the black dude with blue hair)
#497 Serperior (the green and yellow snake)

I don't understand this Pokemon craze myself but I like that it provides artistic inspiration for Tyler.
(as well as plenty of DS entertainment)

It looks like we have two artistic kiddos in the family.

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