Saturday, February 25, 2012

deja ZOO

This Winter Break from school has seen its fair share of screen time.

These two below have played hours upon hours of Mario Kart on the Wii this week.

So much so they have actually shown signs of delirium.

 When I overheard a friend at the gym say she was taking her kids to the ZOO the next day I seriously invited myself and the kiddos to tag along.

There ended up being three of us Mom friends and our two kids each enjoying the day together.  Both of my Mom friends had children of stroller age.  Seeing all the fancy and functional strollers at the ZOO gave me a sense of deja Vu/ZOO.   It's been awhile since my 5 and 7 year-old have needed a stroller and I honestly miss the stroller days (and also my monsters being little babies.)  But...let me tell you how nice it was to hold the doors open for the stroller pushers instead of using all of my body parts to open, and hold open, the doors for my own stroller.

and now without further adieu
Pictures from the deja-ZOO

Tyler watches the elephant.

 L and A pose as meerkats.

My favorite pic of the day!
(everyone seems to be telling their own special story )

 L and T about to fly the coop

 L and T "monkey around" while A poses sweetly for the picture.

The Petting Zoo

Lauren assumes her roll as the goat whisperer.

and Tyler admires this particular goat's "GOAT-tee."

And too cute not to include:
L and T's friend A sure does take a great impromptu picture!

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