Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Even though I haven't blogged in a while (since February) time has been MARCHing on and I sure have some catching up to do.
We have been beyond busy this month with:
1.  Grammy and GG's visit (my Mom and my Grandma Anna,)
2.  a no kids Vacation to the Florida Keys (thanks to Grammy and GG)
3.  and my Baby Girl turning 8 Years Old!!!

I have some catching up to do but in the meantime check out the placemats L and T made thanks to my new Scotch Thermal Laminator which I scored for a ridiculously low price.  Also, check out Tyler's smile in the Four Generation picture below.  I told him I would laminate his inappropriate placemat only if he smiled for the picture.  (bribery rocks!)

Lauren loves Hot Chocolate
(such a sweet and pretty picture to laminate)

Tyler wants to let everyone know
"Do not stick your Butt in magma"
(B-u-t-t is the only word he knows how to spell without help.)
go figure

 Four Generations
clockwise:  Grammy, Me, GG, Tyler (with the victorious smile,) and Lauren

out takes are also fun, right?)

Grammy and GG flew back to Oregon today so I better start MARCHing on with these over due blog posts.

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