Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cruise by Anytime

Look who "cruised" by for a visit last week.

Why it was Grandma Jan and Grandpa Michael, of course. (this is only a surprise if you skipped my last post...shame on you.)

They were on their way home from their cruise on the Allure of the Seas out of Ft. Lauderdale and knew that anytime they make it as far as Florida they better make a quick stop took some extra time to visit us in Georgia.

As the pictures show:
We spent our entire time READING.
(different outfits = different days)

Well, we actually did do more than just read but what we didn't do was spend much time with Matt.  Unfortunately, Matt was in Colorado on a business trip during most of their visit.
Fortunately, my in-laws are great and very easy to entertain.

Last night they had to fly back home but we'll be seeing them soon.  We're planning a big family vacation in Destin, FL for April.

in other news:

Yesterday was the FIRST day of jacket weather according to Lauren.
(the temp dropped below 80 degrees)
Today was the Mom's Club Fall Festival! (the temp was a comfortable 68 degrees)
It was a Chili Cook-off and I'm happy to say Matt and I (who both worked on this dish) took 2nd place (out of five.)  I'm okay with this but Matt is still sulking.  He really wanted to win.
Here's the recipe for you to try at your next get-together.  It will not disappoint.  

The kids enjoyed, among other activities, painting pumpkins, pillowcase races, bobbing for apples but most of all - time with their friends.

Tonight we'll be enjoying family movie night.
I can't wait to watch E.T. with my kids.  I hope they like it.

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