Sunday, October 23, 2011

Roller Skating Party

Lauren went to a classmate's birthday party at the Skating Rink today.  I didn't even know there was a skating rink in our area.  I should have though because the ATL is known for its skating rinks.
(statement solely based on the 5 out of 10 stars movie, ATL.)  

 Needless to say this was Lauren's first time on 4 wheels.  She did greater than great!  At first she held my hand at all times.  Then she started skating by herself but wanted me within arms reach. 

 A little later she was comfortable with more distance.

 Towards the end of the party she told me I could go sit with the grown-ups.  
There's my girl clear across the rink skating with the birthday boy.  A very proud Momma took this picture.

Someone else may be noticing how special Lauren is.
Her teacher sent this parent evaluation home last week.
It's a preliminary screening for the REACH program (formerly known as TAG.)
We'll see where this goes but whatever comes of it Lauren has already REACHed beyond my wildest dreams for a daughter.

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