Saturday, October 22, 2011

remember Thomas?

Remember the Train Table during our 'We Love Thomas the Train' stage?
  No?  Well refresh your memory with the sweet picture below from May 27, 2008.

We still have the train table but the Trains and Tracks have long since been banished into the side drawers.  In their place we now contain all of our Legos.  All of our gazillions of little Legos.

Today however, someone (either L or T,) discovered where the Thomas the Train toys were being held captive and brought them out to play.

***I was so excited to see them play with Thomas again.  When I think of Thomas I think of L and T at the age in the picture above (2 and 4 years old.)  Sometimes I just want to hit the pause button because these kiddos are growing up way too fast.***  

 I quickly grabbed my camera, sneaked into the play room and snapped a photo. 

As soon as she heard the click of the camera, Lauren immediately blurted out, "this better not go on the blog because I DO NOT like Thomas the Train."  Then she tried to hide.

***I miss my babies but I also enjoy each and every stage (well most of the stages) they go through as they get older and become more like their grown-up selves.***

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