Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tyler and his Pearly Whites

Tyler had his six-month cleaning at the Dentist today.
He did great.  He received a lot of compliments on his tie-dye shirt and was told his oral hygiene is perfect.
He replied, "Yeah, well I brush for 3 minutes every time."
That's my boy!

Check out his glowing review!
I thought it was just default to check the lines for "more thorough brushing..." and "flossing daily." 

Speaking of Tyler:
He was pretty cute at bedtime last night.  Matt has been working out of town (a lot lately) and Tyler has really been helping me out.  For example, yesterday evening he rolled the garbage can to the curb for today's trash pick-up.  I really talked it up that he's helping me since Daddy is out of town.  Later that evening he said that since he's "kind of being Daddy" that maybe he should sleep on Daddy's side of MY bed.  I told him that wouldn't be fair to Lauren but he said Lauren could sleep in the middle.  I tell you what...with Tyler and Lauren sharing my little queen size bed I would be the one with the unfair deal.  Needless to say we all slept in our own bedrooms last night.

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brian said...

It sounds like Matt needs to splurge and get that new King size bed if he expects Tyler to be kinda like Daddy.