Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wing It Week

This week we are going to wing it.
I still have a couple of recipes left-over from last week:
 Chicken and Dumplings  (Taste of Home magazine, October 2011)

The main reason we are winging it is because Tyler's milk was dumped all over my refrigerator TWICE today. The first time was caused by Tyler trying to put it back into the fridge and not noticing he wasn't setting it on the shelf.  The second time was caused by one of Lauren's dear friends.  She was looking for a cheese stick and knocked it over in the process. (Unfortunately, she didn't tell me what she did.  I found the milky mess 30 minutes later.)

I'm so tired of cleaning milk off of all the jars and containers I have in the fridge that I just want them gone.  My goal this week is to make a huge dent in my fridge, freezer and pantry.  Wish me luck because "Winging It" is not in my comfort zone.

In other news, I put the patches on Lauren's new Girl Scout Brownie vest just in time for her first official meeting.  (I'm not sure if exposing her troop number is dangerous in anyway but I like to play around with the Paint Program sometimes.)

 She had a blast today.  Girl Scouts is one of her favorite activities.
(Lauren is the blond in the brown brownie vest)

Have a great week everyone!

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