Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fire Pit...check

 On our way to a birthday party I asked Matt to stop by Home Depot.
(and he did)
I said I wanted to buy a fire pit.
(and we did!)
I think I'm on a roll here.
Next I'm going to ask for the patio to be poured and stained.

Tyler and the statuesque Lauren pose in front of the new fire pit.

Daddy and Lauren are ready to roast some S'mores.

Tyler being a total boy.
(S'more in one hand and what's that? in the other?)

We had a fun family Saturday evening making s'mores by the fire and watching Rio (the movie.)

P.S.  The birthday party we went to was for L and T's good friend Troy.  His mother (who is a year younger than me) is the one who had a stroke in her brain stem last March.  She was at the party in her wheelchair and had her iPad to communicate since she can't speak yet.  It was pretty emotional for some of us adults (myself.)  I had to hold back choking sobs when complete strangers came up to her and asked if they could pray over her.  The first time I met her was one year ago at Troy's last birthday party.  And the last time I saw her was at Tyler's birthday party about a week before her stroke.   So much can change in 365 days.  Cherish every moment!

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brian said...

T is channeling his inner MJ.