Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cavity Schmavity

Enjoying the "Happy Air"
(nitrous oxide) 

Lauren had her cavity filled today and it was a piece of (sugar-free from now on) cake.  I had her go to school before her 10:15am appointment and she told me she was super nervous at school.  However, at the dentist's office she was very stoic and the perfect patient.  Even the dentist said so.  He wants her to come back and teach all his other patients how to do it.

He told her he was going to give her some "Happy Air" which would make her feel like she is on her "favorite ride at Six Flags."  After putting on her mask I kept waiting for her to cry, freak out, convulse, have a major adverse reaction but she just calmly laid there.  She told me later she felt like she was "a statue in space."  She even told me she "wished it would have taken longer because [she] was so relaxed."  She knew they gave her two shots but "they didn't hurt."  Next time I have any procedure done I'm going to ask for some "Happy Air" first.

While Lauren was a "statue in space" the hygienist and dentist sealed her four molars and used "air-abrasion" (no drill!) to clean the decay from her cavity.  He then filled the cavity with white composite.  When they were done they let her breathe plain oxygen for a couple of minutes so she wouldn't leave feeling like this viral video. (he must have had an I.V.)  The whole process took only 35 minutes.  She walked out of the office feeling fine except for her numb lip...which stayed numb for 90 more minutes.

Despite the annoying numbness, I'm positive she will not be traumatized by today's cavity filling.

Here's the 8-part reason why:
#1  The exceptional (and painless) job done by the dentist.
#2  Since her lip was numb and annoying her I let her stay home from school the rest of the day.
#3  I gave her yogurt and chocolate pudding for lunch.  (lip was still numb so I was afraid she'd bite it by chewing anything solid)
#4  We watched Baby Geniuses together on Netflix via the Wii.
#5  I still let her go to Art Class (she drew the pumpkin in the picture below)
#6  She built a habitat for her blue plastic crab (a prize from the Dentist) and I said she could keep it on the kitchen table "until the next day." (seen in the picture below)
#7  I made her all time favorite dinner:  Buttery Penne Noodles with a dash of salt, pepper, and a heavy dusting of Parmesan cheese.
and finally 
#8  She told me repeatedly "this is the best day ever."

many components of  a "Best Day Ever"

I realize this post is all about Lauren and her cavity but I hate to leave Tyler out.  So if any of you are still reading this long post about a cavity then you won't mind reminiscing with me about Tyler on the TEN-FOURS.  (get it? 4th day of the 10th month? October 4th over the years or as close to 10/4 as I could get it?)
6 months

cat-6 years,  Tyler-18 months, Me-30 years

2 1/2 years

3 1/2 years

4 1/2 years

Tyler goes to the Dentist for his 6 month cleaning next week.  Let's cross our fingers for a "clean teeth bill of health!"


brian said...

Nice job Lauren! I want some of that Happy Air.

Anonymous said...

Glad the dentist visit went off without a hitch for Lauren. By the way, tell Tyler we really like his hair cut!
Grandma Jan and Grandpa Michael