Thursday, January 12, 2012


Today:  Matt went to work (he had a good day...finally, he got caught up,) the kids went to school, and I took a Kick Boxing class at the gym.

Today:  I went to lunch with some good friends.  We ate at Athenas (obviously a Greek restaurant) and I had a Chicken Gyro.  Yumm!
L and T both had school lunch and I'm not sure but I think Matt went out to lunch with his co-worker.

Today:  I tried the Diet Dr. Pete flavor for my SodaStream.  It was pretty good...a little more vanilla-y than Dr. Pepper.  I added a half pull of carbonation beyond the recommended amount and loved the extra bubbles.

Today:  While Lauren was making clay figures at Art Club, Tyler finished up his 100 Days of School "quilt piece" project.  The Kindergartners are making a 100-piece quilt out of paper and Tyler was in charge of number 43.  He used colorful bendy straws to make his number and a cotton ball, 2 stars and markers to complete his square.

He's pretty proud of his work (as you can tell by his stoic smile.)

Today:  I made a tasty dinner.  Matt, Lauren and Tyler all approved.
(originally posted on the Closet Cooking blog...this dude only posts delicious recipes...seriously)

Today:  I finally remembered where I found the recipes for the fantastic dinner we had last Friday.

(from the Weight Watchers Kitchen Companion iPad App)
(not sure if you have to be a paying member to access the recipes...if so message me if you're interested)

Today:  I'm writing this post in peaceful quiet because Matt took Lauren to basketball practice and Tyler wanted to go too because he's made friends with one of L's teammate's little brother.

Tonight:  It's super windy.  The walls sound like they are taking a beating.  (the weather radio didn't go off so I'm not worried)  The Arctic Air is finally here.  Maybe I'll change out of my tank top and into some winter PJs.

I hope you all had a good day TODAY.

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