Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Birthdays!

Happy Birthday Brian!
My littlest brother turns 26 today.
Here he is on his high-school graduation day.
--Class of 2004--
(Brian: 18, Me: 26, Lauren: 3 mos., Matt: 30)
wow, time sure flies!

How cool is this?!
 My brother shares a birthday with some pretty awesome and influential people.
The one and only Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (would be 83) and also Dr. Laura (65)!

Have I mentioned that I listen to Dr. Laura's radio program every single day?

In honor of her birthday I thought I'd link to an essay she recently spoke about on her radio program.  
This essay really resonated with me (as a parent) and I wanted to share.  

I sincerely hope my daughter will grow up wanting to be "PRETTY" (inside and out) versus "HOT."
And I hope my son will grow up to recognize the value of a "pretty" girl over a "hot" one.

Happy Birthday Y'All!