Wednesday, January 11, 2012

SODA (or Pop if you prefer)

I love Soda.
(I grew up calling it "pop" but somewhere in my teens I decided "soda" sounded more sophisticated.) 
(I'm sure you care)

With the price of soda going up
(I refuse to spend more than $2.99 for a 12-pack)
I was delighted to receive a SodaStream for Christmas.
(thanks Mom!)

Unfortunately, when I opened the box it was missing the 12-pack Taste Sampler (the soda flavoring.)

I thought about returning it to the store but decided to e-mail the company to ask if they would just send me the Taste Sampler instead.  I e-mailed SodaStream on Christmas Day and received this reply just a few days later.
Dear Christine,

         We apologize for the inconvenience. We went ahead and shipped out a new Sodamix Variety 12 sample pack and a MyWater 3 pack to you. Your order number is XXXXX, we would like to inform you that this order will not be delivered until the week of January 16th due to our year-end inventory. Once this order leaves our warehouse you will be notified with tracking information. If you have any questions please contact our customer support line at 1-800.XXX.XXXX, representatives are available to assist you 24/7.

Thank you
"K" (I changed the name)
SodaStream Customer Support

I LOVE customer service such as this!  (It makes me want to tell the world...or at least post about it.)

Today, January 11th (ahead of schedule) I received this package on my doorstep:

 It included the 12-pack Taste Sampler...

and also the bonus mywater 3-pack

Immediately, I got out my SodaStream and easily followed the directions...
(try not to focus on the folded clothes and junk in the background...the kitchen table is my catch all during the day)

and made my first batch of Soda Water!

I added 1/2 t. of the raspberry flavor "mywater" sample to my soda and it turned out great.
It was just what I wanted.  Bubbly soda water with a light but not too sweet raspberry flavoring.
Tomorrow I'll try one of the actual soda flavors.

(SodaStream did not influence this blog post in any way other than by their spectacular customer service. I had a great experience with them and simply wanted to share.)

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