Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back to School

Back to School and Back to Structure

I didn't go to the gym ONCE during winter break.  Why?  Because I like to sleep in when I can.  However, if I don't make the 8:30 or 9:30 class at the gym then I simply don't go.

Although I don't particularly enjoy waking up at 6am to get everyone ready for school I do like being up early and ready to start my day (at the gym.)

With that said I've been back at the gym in full force and the children have really hit the books.

Tyler read his first book to me. "Hot Dog"  He did great sounding out the the words.  He was so excited to read his first book he even took it to bed so he could read it again before he fell asleep.

Lauren had her first REACH day on Monday.  After "specials" (either library, PE, music, art or computer) she went to a different class for the remainder of the day.  She learned about Medieval Times.  Her homework is to study and be able to locate Iceland, Norway and Sweden on a map and also learn and be able to spell their capitals.  Reykjavik (wreck-ya-vick,) Oslo and Stockholm.  She also needs to write a letter to the admissions office to join (the fictional) King Arthur's Academy.  She has a week to complete her homework since REACH is only on Mondays.

I love being Back to School and Back to Structure.

Here are a couple of "by the ways" for you:

BTW:  Today I had a meeting with the speech pathologist at L's school.  I always thought she wasn't pronouncing her "r"s correctly and was happy her teacher referred her for extra help.  The speech pathologist, Mrs. C said gave Lauren the standard test and said she does have a slight problem with her "s" and "z" (not sharp enough) and also some difficulty pronouncing the "r" but only the "er" "r" sound.  (I guess there are more than one "r" sounds.)  However, she did not feel it was enough of a problem to give her speech lessons.  Instead she gave me a handout to help Lauren enunciate the "r" correctly and if she still has a problem in 3rd grade then we'll address it then.  I was actually hoping L would get the extra help this year but hopefully it will work itself out.

BTW:  Last night was a long night...
I went to bed at 9:45pm, woke up when Tyler came in at 1am saying his PJs were wet (poor guy wet the bed.)  Luckily he has a top bunk with clean sheets so up he went and I just stripped his bed, used some cleaner on the mattress and went back to sleep.  Then at 4:45am I woke up again to house shaking thunder followed shortly by the arrival of two whimpering kids who were "afraid of the lightening."  The four of us pretended to sleep side by side until the alarm went off at 6:00.
Last night reminded me of my nursing days.  =)

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