Sunday, January 22, 2012

CamWow Fun

At Bunco on Friday (Mom's Club Bunco) us ladies had fun with the CamWow app on our iPhones.  I knew my kids would love it so I downloaded it and we had a CamWow party last night.  We laughed so hard our sides ached.  Please enjoy...

(CamWow tried its best but I just do not take a bad photo.  lol)

(3-eyed, 4-legged Lauren and what if Jay Leno were her father)

(T as a 2-headed peg-leg and what if a Vampire were his father)

(my faves:  cyclops Lauren and a hilarious pic of Tyler in the middle)

(the Matt's looked on from the sofa while Lauren asked for a pregnant picture)
(When I have "the talk" with her I'm going to show her this scary picture.)

With the CamWow app L and T were happy to have their picture taken.  I guess I'll start telling them I'm using CamWow whenever I need a photo.  That might work for awhile once.

Go download the app.  It's free side-splitting entertainment for the young ones...and also for the old ones playing Bunco.

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