Friday, May 30, 2014

The Spectacular Second Grade

In conversation with some of my Mom friends (who haven't had a second grader yet,) they expressed to me their concerns and worries about the Second Grade not being challenging enough.  It may not be a strong year for standardized tests but there sure is quite a bit of learning going on.

Check out how Tyler's writing ability has grown over the school year
(I do paraphrase if words are misspelled.)

The first writing assignments of the school year:
"On a hot and sunny day I would wear shorts and short sleeves."

"My favorite season is Summer.  Why I like Summer is because you don't go to school.  And you can play outside too and you can climb trees outside and swim outside and you can play inside."

The last writing assignment of the school year:
"I don't know what my plans are for summer but I'd like to go to some place I have not been, like Africa where it's hot and sunny and I could visit the Amazon rain forest and go on an adventure or a cruise! Ohh and I like animals so I could visit the zoo and see animals!  I could learn something there like how people in Africa live and eat.  I could see if they have a fun place like Six Flags or Disney World and go to it!  I bet it will be fun!  I could see how life is there.  I could go to the beach and collect seashells or I could make sand castles and then destroy it by putting a lot of water on it.  It will be awesome!  Ohh and for the place to stay it will be a big condo with big rooms.  I'd bring a pet back if I could.  I'll miss my friends and teacher but I will always remember them.  It will be the best vacation ever!  THE END."

Even if he doesn't find the Amazon Rainforest in Africa he's on his way to being quite academically successful.  
He learned a lot in his Spectacular Second Grade and I can't wait to see what is in store for him.

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Dyann said...

I can't believe the improvements in Tyler's writing this year. Great job!!!