Thursday, May 29, 2014

Braves v. Brewers

 Before I get to the Braves v. Brewers post I need you to indulge me and check out these Cute Cat Pics.
Romeo (Romy) is getting so big but he's still quite the snuggler and he CANNOT resist the Penguin Pillow Pet.

Holding Hands...How Cute!!

So anyway...back to the Braves v. Brewers
Last week we were given tickets (via Matt's work) to the evening Braves game.
The kids were so excited they wanted to get their Bat on before the game just in case they were called to pinch hit. ;)
We headed to the stadium early to check out the roster...

and grab dinner at the 755 Club.

After dinner, Lauren taught Matt the finer points of Major League Baseball...

 ...and then we headed to our seats on the third base line.
 We stayed there for maybe? an inning and a half before the kiddos wanted to "go explore."

First we explored the view from the outfield and a few stories up.

Then we ran the bases.

Lucky Us!
We were just under the Coke Bottle when the Braves scored a Home Run.
We enjoyed the overhead fireworks.

Since it was a school night we had to head home before the game was over.
I don't think L and T minded at all.  They had fun running all over the stadium.

The Braves ended up winning so it was a successful night all the way around.

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Dad & Dyann said...

We would've loved to be there too. Looks like a blast!!!! Lucky kids!!