Saturday, May 17, 2014

Field Day 2014

The first Friday in May was Field Day at Lauren and Tyler's Elementary School.
The kids look forward to this day all year long.  It's a day of outdoor fun activities that always involve water and pop-cycles.  What's not to love?
This year they split Field Day into two time slots.
Pre-K through 2nd grade went first and 3rd through 5th grade started later in the day.
Since I have a 2nd and 4th grader I was there all day!

Let the games begin.
Tyler's started off with the knock down/pick up cone game.  Half the class were knockers downers and the other half were the pickers uppers.  What a futile competition but both teams seemed to have fun. (I believe the knockers downers had slightly more fun.)

 Scoop some water into a bowl and balance it on your head as you walk to the other bucket to dump it out.

Easy does it.

The closest I got to a class picture.

Next up: Pass the Sponge.
The idea was to soak the sponge in water and try to retain as much water as possible while passing it over the heads of all the classmates.  The last in line squeezes the sponge into the bucket.

Seems like a simple enough concept but it was much more fun to squeeze the water onto one's head or the person behind him/her.

Bouncing Ball races

Big Foot partner races?

Lead your partner with his eyes closed to the correct hula hoop.

Lauren's Turn!

4th Grade Class Picture

She's ready to have some fun.

Balancing the bowl of water.

Go Lauren, Go!

The 4th graders were much worse than the 2nd graders at the Pass the Sponge game.
Everyone in Lauren's class got soaked.

Lauren was a beast at the big foot race.

Partner hopping races.  Don't let the ball drop.

Towards the end of field day Lauren and her friends took a time out to chat and relax.

Field Day was a blast and what made it even better was that after field day they all went inside to watch the movie Frozen.

I'm so glad and thankful to have the opportunity to be able to attend ALL of my children's special school events.
(Thanks to Matt for working so hard to support our family and enable me to stay at home with them.)

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Gloria said...

Looks like so much fun. I'm sure there's nothing else you would have rather been doing ALL DAY - than watching the kiddos at Field Day.

Love Lauren's shirt - were the "thing" signs pinned on, or were they actually on the shirt. Look like they are part of the shirt.

Yes - kudos to Matt for all the great hard work he does to enrich the lives of my grandkids by allowing my wonderful daughter to be a "stay at home mom".