Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May Holiday Mania

May is a big month for us.  The first two weeks include three big holidays for our family.
My birthday, Matt's birthday, and Mother's Day.

My birthday came first.
Don't worry, I didn't get any older.

I did receive some pretty cool gifts from my family though.
($Gift Cards$ from the out of towners and the gifts pictured below)
 Victoria Secret bag: new Panties (from Lauren)
Banana Republic box:  new Dress (from Tyler)
FedEx box: new iPHONE 5s! (from Matt)

I took my new iPhone to Lauren's softball game and took some pictures.  I also tested out my new iPhone case.  The Selfy.  It comes with a remote you can use to take pictures.
 (the remote clicker is in my hand)

The iPhone 5s takes much better pics than my old iPhone 4!
I love it and all of my birthday gifts.

To celebrate our birthdays Matt and I took advantage of Parents Night Out at my gym. We dropped the kids off for an evening of crafts, games, movies and pizza, and headed out for a dinner date.
The happy (non)Ageing couple.

(The dress is Tyler's birthday gift to me.  He's got good taste!)

For dinner we went to Southern Ground Social Club in Senoia.
I love me some Zac Brown and I love the Southern Ground Social Club tacos.
2 tacos and a side of corn.
Not the best health-wise but very very taste.
At least the giant margarita behind my plate is "skinny."

After dinner we still had time before we had to pick up the kids so we walked around Senoia and found a coffee shop to finish out our evening.  (hashtag: partyrockers!)

At the coffee shop I tried to pull it up on Facebook
(not to check-in but just to photo document it for the blog)
and this is what came up:
The Walking Dead is filmed in Senoia, GA and I guess Facebook is Zombie Crazy.  The Town of Woodbury is the town on the TV show. lol

I finally found our Coffee Shop.

I liked all their Walking Dead decorations, especially the one pictured below. 
(A couple was sitting under the sign so I didn't feel comfortable walking up and taking a picture but I found the sign on-line.)

Our dinner date was a fun get-a-way.  The kids had fun at the Y too.

The next day was Matt's birthday and also Mother's Day.
I don't have many pictures of Matt's birthday presents.
He got some gift cards, clothes, an iPhone car mount and the most awesomest
Mini Basketball Hoop for the basement.
Matt being Matt, he installed it first thing.

The basement man-cave just got manlier.

Since he tried to hijack Mother's Day from me by having his birthday on the same day, I let him grill his own birthday dinner Ribs for Mother's day.

I cooked everything else but the roasted brussel sprouts and garlic bread didn't compare to his melt off the bone ribs.

May got off to a wonderful start with the Holiday Mania and we are currently closing in on another big milestone.
School's ALMOST Out for the Summer!!
Just 3 more days to go.

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Dyann said...

All the food looks delicious!! We would love to go back to Zac Browns place. That was a blast.