Thursday, May 15, 2014

Gifts from China

Let's give Matt a big round of applause for his Blogging debut about his trip to China.  Maybe you all could comment on his post to encourage him.  He'd be thrilled if he got more comments than I usually do.  (That would be slightly more than 0-1.  (wink))  I think he has a new appreciation for how long it takes to actually post a blog.  For some reason he claims he's too busy to post regularly.  I mean...what does he really have to do all day besides work full time, be a good Daddy and play with the kiddos after work, coach the kiddos sports, pay the bills and keep up the yard.  Too busy?....Sheesh.  (wink)

What he failed to mention in his post from yesterday were the gifts he brought home to us.

Panda's are very popular there...and oh so cute.
(chocolate pandas are in the tin)

Chinese Skittles among other gifts.

Bracelet and colorful felines

I jokingly asked Matt to bring me home a Chinese baby if he could.
(I would love another baby.)
He jokingly gave me what I wanted.
The bracelet in the picture above was supposed to be for me.
But since I have bigger bones than the average American (NBA basketball player) there was no chance a bracelet made for the bone structure of the average Chinese woman would fit.
So Lauren got a special and very pretty bracelet from China.
Lucky Girl!

Matt did pick me up some Kimchi from the Korean airport.
I've already used all but one of the single serving packets.
They have been a welcome addition to my veggie filled breakfasts.

Thanks for the gifts big Daddy Matt!


Ellen said...

I'll comment on both blogs! I hate playing favorites. :) I'm so glad you blog so we get to feel like we know what is going on with you guys on the other side of the country. Keep it up!

Gloria said...

What Ellen said!! Thank goodness one of you takes the time to blog fairly regularly. Would love to see more blogs from the other one of you. ;)

Looks like Matt did a pretty good job picking out gifts from China. Lucky Lauren - can't wait to see her new bracelet in person.

Pam Allmon said...

I sure enjoyed Matt's blog and Christina, I always enjoy reading yours.