Monday, May 26, 2014

Softball Rain Delay

I know I already posted about the end of the softball season but I found these photos on my phone and wanted to share.

It doesn't happen very often but occasionally it does rain down here in the South.
And when it does it usually downpours. 

During one of Lauren's softball games it started to rain.
For awhile they play it out.
Lauren is up to bat in the downpour.  

She walked and made it all the way to second base before the the umpire heard thunder and by league regulations had to call a 15 minute time out.

Tyler stayed comfy the entire time under my large umbrella, reading his Minecraft Novel.
(he's such a good reader now!!)

The girls didn't stay so quiet during the rain delay.  They kept right on cheering.
Who's Gonna Win?

The rain delay turned out to be longer than expected and finally it was decided that since we were up at the time of the rain delay and since we were the home team that we would call the game then and there.  
Way to go, Falcons!

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Dyann said...

Love the fight song!!! Good job Lauren!