Friday, May 16, 2014

Mother's Day Play

The neighbor kids along with Lauren and Tyler put together a Mother's Day Play on our trampoline.
They worked on their routine for an entire week and they even went the extra mile to print out invitations.

On the day of the performance they set out chairs for us Moms.

 They even labeled our chairs for us.
(sweet sweet sweet kids!)

The little brother made a cameo appearance at first but was persuaded to let the show begin by being offered a pop-cycle. 
(Maddox the cutie-pie)

I really wish I had recorded the whole routine.  It was synchronized trampolining and choreographed beautifully.  These kids are awesome and it was the best Mother's Day Play I have ever been to.  

The SuperSTARS!
Kaylee, Noah, Lauren and Tyler

Thanks Kiddos!

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Gloria said...

Great idea. Would love to have been there to see it. Surely Grammy's would have been invited, too. :o