Saturday, May 24, 2014

10U Softball Party

L and some teammates with their participation medals.

Lauren finished up her 10U season of softball last weekend.  The day began with the championship softball game, then the official softball awards, all followed by the highlight of the day.
The POOL PARTY at Coach Bill's house!
Lauren's team came in 4th place (out of 8 teams) which is a huge improvement from last year when they came in last. Needless to say her coach is awesome and her teammates work hard and improve every single game.  This season renewed Lauren's love for softball.  She often asks her Daddy to go out and practice with her.  She even mentioned a desire to learn to pitch!

Now back to the POOL PARTY!
L draped in her towel with her teammates.

Along with pizza they enjoyed a huge chocolate chip cookie.

A team-building experience:  Everyone jump in together!
Ready, Set...

However, the temperature just wasn't warm enough for Lauren to do much swimming.
(It rained on and off that day with bits of sunshine in between.)

She held back on the group jump but had a good time watching them.

Along with the awesome coach we also have some awesome parents on the team.  They all "pooled" together to get every girl a towel with their name on it.  Since Matt is the assistant coach they never asked us to contribute.  What a fun surprise.

The Softball Party was a super fun success and we are looking forward to Fall Ball already.


Gloria said...

Mama can teach her how to pitch. So glad she likes softball. It's a great sport.

Dyann said...

Glad she loves softball too. It is a great sport and fun to watch!! Really cool towel.