Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ugly Worthless Thieves

My purse was stolen for the first time in my life last week.
I've been too mad and sad and angry and MAD! to blog about it until today.

A week ago, I was at the gym just like every other weekday morning.
Before I left my house I hid my purse under a Seattle Seahawks blanket in the very back of my SUV. 

When I got back to my car after my workout I opened the back to get my purse and discovered it G-O-N-E!!

Even though I specifically remembered putting it under the blanket, I decided to drive home to check if I'd gone crazy and perhaps left it on my kitchen counter.
No such luck.

#1 I called Matt at work. (He started calling the bank and credit card companies to report the theft.)
#2  I called the police to file a report.

An officer came by the house and jotted down some information.  He said parking lot thefts at day-cares, schools & gyms were very common in the area as of late.  He said there wasn't much (zip, zero) chance of getting my stuff back.
What he didn't say was that I was stupid for leaving my purse in my car.
I thanked him for that.

After he left, Matt and I finished calling the credit card companies to report the theft.

In total:  I was at the gym for TWO hours.  It took ONE hour for me to file the report with the police AND get all of my credit cards reported stolen and ultimately cancelled.

In that THREE HOUR time span, the Ugly Worthless Thieves were able to wrack up about $600 worth of charges on my three credit cards and all at GAS STATIONS!!

How can they do that?  A car only holds a certain amount of gas...even if they fill up a couple of their friends' cars.

My question was answered while Matt was talking to one of our neighbors today.

Our neighbor was at a gas station the other day (near the airport, in a shady part of town) when a young man approached him and said for $20 cash he'd fill his gas tank with a credit card. Our neighbor said NO but I'm sure quite a few others said YES.  Hence the $600 charged to my stolen credit cards at gas stations in the span of three hours.

Ugly Worthless Thieves

STOLEN was this purse that my momma got me for my birthday three years ago.
I loved that purse!

Can you see how they gained entry into my car?
They jammed some sort of tool under and through my lock.
Ugly Worthless Thieves

As Ugly and Worthless and Thievy as they are...
I am done with them.

I am back to my normal routine which includes going to the gym five days a week.  I no longer leave ANYTHING in my vehicle but I now have an eye out for anything suspicious in the parking lot.

My Momma happens to be in town and bought me a brand new hand bag!
I love it!!

And my kiddos had their winter pictures taken/made today.
Looking good L and T.

You got nothing on us you
Ugly Worthless Thieves

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