Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Typical After-School Day 2013

School Days are so Typical that I often don't think to blog about them.
But for future reference, here is what our after school days look like these days.

When the kids get off the school bus they get a snack and then start on their homework.
After their homework is done they each do a "screen-time." (20 minutes in front of a screen/ipad/DS/computer/tv/etc.)

This is so typical that I didn't take a picture.

After the screen time is over they find something else to do.
Such as...
Work on Operation Christmas Child boxes for church...

Then they wrestle.
I think Tyler has finally realized that he weighs more than Lauren and can take her down.

When it's ready we eat dinner, and then change into PJs, brush our teeth, and do another screen time if we have time.
(Screen time with their new 2DS)

Finally, it's 30 minutes of reading before bed.
(an optional 30 minutes of reading is allowed in their bedrooms before lights out)

(She loves all the Nancy Drew books and must be close to reading them all.)
(Romy loves Lauren.)

and Tyler is reading Hungry Hungry Sharks.
His reading has absolutely taken off and I'm very proud of him.

After the kids go to bed Matt and I typically watch a show or two and then hit the hay ourselves.  We definitely keep up the rock star lifestyle if I do say so myself.

And this concludes a typical after-school day in our house. 

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