Friday, November 8, 2013

Same Car, Different Wreck and Repair

Matt and his once again shiny and new car

I haven't mentioned it earlier because I'm sure you're bored with all of these "Matt wrecked his car again" posts but 17 days ago Matt wrecked his car again.
Ok...not all were his fault but I'm pretty sure his car is cursed.

He was driving to work in awesome Atlanta I-85 traffic and some drivers in front of him slammed on their breaks because they were wimps and were afraid of some boxes that flew off of someone's truck.  Matt wasn't a wimp and he slammed on his breaks anyway but, obviously not soon enough.  Dang it!
To top it off he he was ticketed for following too close.

The silver lining is that we now have 4 punches on our Corbitt's Collision frequent customer card.  If I understand correctly we only have one more repair until we get the next one free.

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