Thursday, November 15, 2012

Let's Catch Up

Okay... here's the thing:  After checking out all the photos I have on my camera I came to realize that I took a lot of pictures with the intent to do many amazing blow-your-mind super-creative blog posts.  But...I now realize that That Just Ain't Going to Happen.  However...I have all these pictures and for blogs sake I should still put them on here.

So... let's catch up why don't we?!

Last month my friend Nicole invited us all over for a play-date.
She didn't tell me she had a Bunny.

Now all I hear is "I want a Bunny!"
(it will be returned to sender)

And moving on:

In October, Matt had business trips which took him out of town two weeks in a row.
I really missed him while he was gone and counted the days until he came back, but somehow when he came back...
I forgot he was here.

I backed out of the garage and smacked right into his almost-brand-new-car.
the Mazda

You'll notice a little dent but...

look what it did to my car!

 luckily mine cleaned up well with a simple wipe down.
Some red nail polish should fix the rest, right?

Quickly changing subjects:

Check out Lauren's Halloween t-shirt she made.
out-of-this-world CREATIVE!

She made the front with fabric markers and the back with stencils and fabric spray paint.
(future Etsy shop owner)

Hey, it's the enchanted forest:

Since it's cooler out and (hopefully) the ticks are hibernating we've been playing more in the woods behind the house.  The kids have even made a bunch of signs and placed them on the "hiking" trails.
Both of these signs say "LOL" (Tyler's idea) but there are more signs (like "Watch Your Step") placed in strategic locations.  I keep meaning to get out there and take pictures.
It was just getting too dark that day.

We've now switched sports from Softball/Baseball to Basketball.
Both kids are playing Upward Basketball again this year.
Lauren's practice

Tyler's practice
(Well, it should have been.  I sent the camera with Matt to take a picture and this is what I got.)

 The kids are still busy with their respective CUB SCOUT and GIRL SCOUT activities.

Chili Cook-off
  I didn't take any pictures of the actual chili cook-off but here's a picture of Tyler (in the grey shirt) and some of his Pack playing a game of marbles.

They got to see a police dog in action.
The officer hid AN ACTUAL BAG OF MARIJUANA in the bushes and the police dog sure enough found it.  I was dreading the follow-up questions by Lauren back at home but so far she hasn't mentioned anything.

Hopefully all she remembers is sitting in the front seat of the patrol car.
(I may have told her that the police will arrest anyone who uses a bad tone of voice toward their parents.  And I'm pretty sure my statement was followed with an "Oh stop Momma, you're not being serious.") 

Like without a doubt:
My two kids represent the next generation of GENERAL HOSPITAL fanatics.
(Lauren really likes the Robin story-line because of her daughter Emma.)
However, when I try to take a picture of them in GH Zombie Mode they quickly turn their heads or move away from the TV.

 Whatever!  I know what I saw!

And As would never end:

My last picture to share before we are all caught up.

Guess what I did with a head of cauliflower and some Franks Red Hot?!
I made Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower of course.
(gotta love Pinterest!)

So Yeah:  Thanks for catching up with me.  TTYL

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