Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lights Out in Twenty

Bedtime at our house is currently 8:00pm on school nights.
They are in their beds at 8 o'clock but I give them 20 extra minutes to read a book or write in their journals.

Normally, Tyler just crashes out with his blanket but Matt took this awesome picture of him tonight that I had to share.

He's copying words and pictures from a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book into his journal.

Lauren normally reads for her 20 minutes but today she rediscovered her old journal.
Before reading it to me she said, "Momma, it was from a hundred years ago."  (last year)

She chose to use her 20 minutes to update her experiences from the "last century."

She was hesitant to let me take this picture.
L:  "But you'll put this on the blog."
Me:  "Yes I will but the blog is sort of my journal and you will like to read it someday."
L:  "But everyone will laugh at me."
Me:  "No one really reads this blog."  (ha ha)

I'm so glad I'm able to witness these sweet moments before bedtime.

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