Sunday, November 4, 2012

How to Make a Creeper Mask

(disclaimers:  1.  A friend suggested I "pin" how we made our Halloween Creeper mask to Pinterest.  2.  In order to "pin" I need to post about it first.  3.  While taking pictures of the process I did not think I was going to do an instructional post.  4.  So bear with me.)

How to Make a Creeper Mask

1.  Find a good head-sized box.  We used a 10 x 10 inch box.  Tape up any loose flaps with clear packing tape.  (obviously, leave one side open to insert head)

2.  Measure and glue illustration board (or any other white poster board or white contact paper) onto each side of the mask to give a white background.

3.  Use a ruler to make a grid of squares.  We penciled in 8 x 8 squares per side.

4.  Color in the Creeper face.  We (we meaning Matt) used this template as a guide.

5.  Listen to your children "ooh" and "ahh" because this is SO COOL!

6.  Parade around the house in the Creeper Face Only mask.  How cool is this!

7.  Gather markers in 4 different shades of green and also 1 black marker.  "X" out a few blocks per side for BLACK (technically there is only black on the Creeper's face) and pencil in a few blocks (per side) to leave white.

8.  Let your children do the hard/tedious part for you.  Randomly color in the boxes.

 ...but surely they will get it done.

9.  Cut some layers of foam to help the Creeper mask fit the head and glue them in.

10.  (optional) Cut a "handle" out of a side of the mask so the Creeper can carry the mask while s/he runs from house to house trick-or-treating.

11.  Set completed mask on the floor and spend a lot of time admiring it.

12.  Pair the Creeper mask with green pants and a green shirt and totally rock it.

13.  Pose as the Creeper next to a Creeper pumpkin and two other pumpkins.

14.  Make your Mom happy and pose with your sister as well.

Happy Creeping!

P.S.  The best line I heard while trick-or-treating this Halloween was when a neighborhood boy saw Tyler as the Creeper and said, "You better not even think about exploding right now."

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