Thursday, November 1, 2012


Before I talk about our recent two night camping trip take a look at my little Cub Scout:

proud Tiger Cub in his Class A Uniform

(Halloween-themed Cub Scout Camp)
(in great detail only grandparents can love)

Well, we did it.  We survived two nights in a tent at Spook-O-Ree.  Matt and I got maybe 8 hours of sleep between the two of us but we survived and had fun camping as a family, a Den, a Pack and a Council.  (all Boy Scout lingo I'm learning)

Friday Afternoon:
Matt arrives home from a week long conference in Savannah, GA.  He rests for 2 hours then we load up the car and head to the campground about an hour away.

Friday Night:
We set up the tent, build a fire and hang out with our Cub Scout friends until it is time to go to bed.

We hit the hay.  More accurately the kids hit their sleeping bags set on top of thick blankets and Matt and I hit our sleeping bags set on top of an air mattress with more blankets on top to boot.

Kids are out cold while Matt and I listen to the armadillos scurry, the owls hoot and a super annoying dog bark and howl constantly.  We finally fall asleep...or do we?

The kids wake up well rested and Matt and I wake up flat on the ground.  Our air mattress obviously had a slow leak.  I learn a couple of things.  #1.  The ground is cold even when blankets are piled on top of me.  #2.  The ground has gotten a lot harder and less forgiving in the time it's taken me to grow older.

Breakfast.  I pour the cereal while Matt cooks the bacon and eggs on the propane stove.

Matt heads to Walmart to buy a new mattress while the Spook-O-Ree activities begin.

BB Gun Shooting
(the activity leader gives him some pointers)

(Matt returned from Walmart in time to give her his own pointers)



Lunch at campsite

Hotdogs and chips for lunch.  Delicious only when camping.  =)

Obstacle Course

Lauren racing Daddy
Halloween Craft - Pumpkin decorating contest

(Tyler wins 3rd place for his pumpkin in his age group!)

Field Games
flag tag

tug of war

three-legged races
(someone's getting tired)

He wanted to be done.
(it had nothing to do with having "a little girl" as his partner)

our Den of Cub Scouts
(a great bunch of boys!)

That's the end of the pictures but not the end of our night.


Camp Wide Costume Contest
(Our Den doesn't win but I still claim a little fame because my friend made the winning costume.  A Bumble Bee Transformer costume that REALLY transformed!  Very similar to this one)

Haunted Trail
This is pretty scary.  The older boy scouts work the haunted trail and do a great job.  Tyler and Lauren are very brave during the 10 minute "haunted hike" along the trail.  I think this has a lot to do with that fact that another boy in our group completely freaked out and L and T made sure to comfort him.  i.e. "You know the chainsaws aren't real."

Lights Out

I wake up and need to use the bathroom. (tmi?)  I'm too cold so I suffer until 6:30am when Tyler wakes up and demands to use the bathroom himself.

Suns up and so are we.  Breakfast time.  More egg and bacon burritos.

Clean-up, Pack-up and head home.

Spook-O-Ree was a Success!

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Gloria said...

Sounds like a fun weekend - hope the kids let you take a nap when you got home. LOL

You guys are real champs to be so involved - - and thank goodness there was a WalMart near the camp.