Wednesday, November 6, 2013

And the Favorite Parent Award Goes to:

Once Again their DADDY!...(*mostly)

A friend of mine noticed that in my last blog post the kids were playing the new Nintendo 2DS (instead of their regular DS.)  She is correct and I thought I'd elaborate.

Last weekend A.D.D. DADDY (sometimes we call him that because it just fits) decided in the spur-of-the-moment to take the kids to GameStop.  He had them bring their Nintendo DS gaming systems.  I stayed home to mop the floor but in hindsight that may have been the wrong decision.

The kids came home with their own brand new Nintendo 2DS gaming systems!!
(they each received a whopping $20 credit for trading in their old DSs)

Why wait for CHRISTMAS when you can make the kids think you're their favorite parent right now?!! 

Look at these smiles!  Daddy is definitely winning.

When the kids got home from GameStop with their loot I jokingly rolled my eyes and asked them what it would be like if Daddy was always in charge.

*Lauren (my sweet girl) said it would be "horrible."
She said, "we'd be able to do screen time all the time but we would get chubby and not do good in school."
(love this!  She's repeating what the Pediatrician said about the common consequences from excessive screen time.)

So even though Daddy has the Favorite Parent Award, I'm going to hang tight to my *asterisk* and consider myself a runner-up.

(Daddy Disclaimer:  In our family I, Momma, am the main disciplinarian because I am home with them all day.  Daddy is the main provider who works hard for our family all day, everyday.  When he comes home from work he would rather play with the kids then scold them for any misdeeds from the day.  It works for us even though I may jest occasionally about them liking him more.  They respect us both in unique and different ways.)

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