Friday, November 1, 2013

Well Visit with Dr. J

Standing next to their growth chart.  They look awfully close to me.

Today L and T had their 9 and 7-year-old check-ups with Dr. J.
This may be the last year they can have their check-up at the same the same room.

They giggled and fought over who would be checked out first and who would get the first shot.
(No one got a shot today...just the Flu Mist vaccine to the nose.)

Lauren: age 9, height 4'7" (70th percentile), weight 66 pounds (39th percentile)
Tyler: age 7, height 4'4" (91st percentile), weight 68 pounds (90th percentile)

Tyler has officially passed Lauren in the weight department.  Soon he will be taller and then he will really be able to thump her around as payback.

Everything was going great until Dr. J started asking me all these questions about if Lauren was approaching the big P word.  ((puberty))
"Are there any physical or emotional signs you have noticed?"

Nooooooo!  And not for a long time I hope.

He said it typically (but not always) happens when a girl approaches 100 pounds.  He thinks Lauren is quite a few years off.  

Thank goodness!!  I want her to be my little girl for as long as possible and then some.

So, before I go play Barbies with my sweet baby girl, check out how brave Romy has gotten.

He likes to be outside as often as he can sneak out and he prefers to chill out on the railing of our back deck.
(sweet keey keey)

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