Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Who's got the doldrums?

Who's got the doldrums?
This blogger, that's who.

It's been a dreary summer.  Damp, dark and drizzly.
I think I want to move to Seattle for their weather.  I hear they didn't have any rain the entire month of July!

Meanwhile in the reputed hot sticky south we've been slogging through days that look like this:
not hot nor sticky...just soggy

Life must go on despite the rain and during summer one must eat off the grill a couple of times.
Luckily, we have a rain proof roof over the grill..
We had it installed for next to nothing.

See, it keeps the hot coals from getting wet.

The traeger too.

The weather is lousy but the ribs sure weren't.

Neither were the pork chops and bacon-wrapped asparagus.

A little bit of sunshine for the tummy on a cloudy day.

Not only has the weather made me grumpy and lazy (hence the lack of blogging) it also makes my blood pressure high.

Well maybe that isn't due to the weather but it's high.
I went to the Doctor and it was 150/90.
I think that's pretty high because she immediately asked if I had chest pains.
It's high at the Doctor because while they take my pressure I freak out inside my head.
I have total Doctor office anxiety.
(I've fainted at the Eye Dr. and Dentist before.)
I took it again at home and it was 120/80.
They won't take my word for it and want to do some blood work in two months to see if they can find out what's causing it.

So I decided to take these two months to get to a healthy weight and see if that makes a difference.  I'm about 12 pounds over the max healthy weight for my height so I'd like to lose at least that in the next two months.

Last week I went back to Weight Watchers (instead of just paying for it) and lost 2.8 pounds when I weighed in yesterday.
(go me!)

I did it by keeping track honestly of everything that goes in my pie hole and staying within my weekly points.

I also switched my 6 pt. Kashi GoLean Crisp breakfast to a 3 pt. egg burrito with sauteed veggies (here with mushrooms and banana peppers) and a serving of sauteed (in chicken broth) kale on the side.
Way more filling than my 3/4c of cereal.

Just slice the egg, add some greek yogurt & hot sauce, and throw it all on a 1 pt. tortilla.

I've also drastically lowered my caffeine intake and given up my favorite high sodium snack.
Pretzels dipped in mustard...lots of mustard.

But enough of me and my ho hums and doldrums

Matt's doing rad.  He found a new password keeper and he's super stoked about that.
He's also super excited that our 12th anniversary is coming up on Monday.

And the kids are great.
They are all adjusted to the new school year and are doing their homework as I type.

Lauren is a reading fanatic.  In the two weeks since school's started she already has 43 Accelerated Reader points.
In between her books she brings home from school she's started reading my old Sweet Valley Twins books.

Tyler is getting to be a reading machine as well.  Something clicked over the summer and the boy can read. Last year I was pulling my own teeth out trying to get him to sound out words.
Me, "Sound it out. D-O-G"
Tyler, "Duh-Aw-Uga"
Me, "Blend it together."
Tyler, "Duhhhh-Awwwww-UUUga.  I don't know. I can't do it."
Me, "Aaagggghhhhh" while pulling my tooth out.

He's also decided that he prefers to wear his socks inside-out because he wants the smooth side against his skin.  Who wouldn't?!
I'm positive the boy is a genius.

So all in all, despite the dreary weather and my blood pressure worries, my fantastic family keeps me bright.  
Doldrums Schmoldrums

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Gloria said...

Great blog!! So sorry you are having Oregon weather. With all the rain, maybe your grass will stay green until I get there in November! Looks like Matt needs an infusion of Home Depot gift certs in order to finish waterproofing the lower deck ceiling. haha