Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mama Bear

My sweet little bear cub. (2010)
how cute is he?!

Sometimes this sweet boy gets stuck on a word or two when he talks.
I don't want to say he stutters...but sometimes he does.

Matt and I have not said anything to him about it, we just listen and keep eye contact until he finishes his sentence.  He has no reservations about talking at home even though it frustrates him at times when he gets stuck on a word.

I assumed it was the same at school since he has never said anything otherwise.

Until Today

He was telling me about a friend he saw while we were signing him up for Cub Scouts today.

Tyler:  "Momma, that's my friend Jake.  Sometimes he talks funny."
Me:  "It's not nice to say that people talk funny.  Some people can't pronounce their "R"s very well like Lauren and some people get stuck on their words sometimes."
Tyler: "No I just mean that he says funny things.  But some people make fun of me when I talk.  When I say 'the...the...the' when I talk.  Like the older boys on the bus."

My heart dropped a little bit.
I wanted his "getting stuck" to only be something I noticed but apparently it's not.
Now I'm not sure what to do.
He's not bothered by it as far as I can tell and today was the only day he's ever mentioned being teased but he did say people make fun of him.

What's a Mama Bear to do?
I don't want to pull him out of class for Speech but I also don't want to pretend that nothing is going on.

Any ideas for this Mama Bear?

 How cute is this kid?!
And his older sister too!


Anonymous said...

It would be worth it to talk to the speech teacher, but you could also just have him practice slowing down. But, hopefully the speech teacher could give you some other tips, or at least they should.

brian said...

I had speech class when I was little. All I remember are good memories of playing games with the teacher.