Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday Totals

number of pounds lost this week:  3.8
two week total:  6.6
(Woo Hoo!  I need to keep it up and continue to count every point I eat.)

 number of boxes of Smorz cereal we received today:  6
Lauren has been requesting this cereal and I have not found it at Publix so I went to Amazon and ordered in bulk.  It helps that I have Amazon Prime.  (free 2 day shipping)
Gosh...remember when I used to feed my kids healthy breakfasts?

rank in AWESOMENESS of Lauren and Tyler's bus driver: 1 
Today Ms. Linda sent me this big old bundle of peppers from her garden.
This is the second installment she's given me.
I love the peppers and I love her sweet soul.
I have no doubt that we have the best Bus Driver EVER!

Today was a good day!


Gloria said...

I'm sure Lauren just likes the cereal because of the Olympics symbol on the box - means it must be good for you, I'm sure. And - good job on your weight loss.

brian said...

Have they experienced the greatness of Cocoa Puffs yet?