Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Weekly Menu 8/20/2013

Our 12 year anniversary is coming up next week so had to share this blast from the past.
How cute are we!?!!
August 26, 2001

Love you Babe!

So anyway...
In keeping up the momentum to lose 10 more pounds in 7 more weeks I thought I'd post my healthy recipes for the week.

I used the fun Crazy Plates cookbook my Mom gave me for most of these recipes.  Thanks Mom/Grammy!!

Monday:  The Thigh Who Loved Me (6pts,) & frozen veggies  --Super Yummy!
Tuesday:  Cabbage Patch Soup(5pts) & l/o chicken & Ritz Crackers --Matt called this soup Bad A**!
Wednesday:  Croque Monsieur Egg Rolls (2pts each) and l/o soup  (I had left over egg roll wrappers so needed to find a recipe to use them up.)  --These were a family wide hit.
Thursday:  Tubes and Cubes (12 pts) & green salad (I will probably eat 1/2 serving of pasta and double serving of salad.)
Friday:  On Golden Prawns (10 pts)  (I will serve this over rice for my family but over salad greens for myself.)
Saturday:  Matt wrote "DATE NIGHT" on the calendar so I'm not going to argue.  Kids and baby-sitter will most likely get PIZZA.
Sunday:  For Goodness Steak (6pts) (Scroll down for the recipe) & veggies & couscous

If you need some fun and fantastic cookbooks definitely check out Crazy Plates and also their other cookbook which I have, LooneySpoons.  They are the sum of healthy and delicious...and pretty cheap on Amazon.

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