Friday, August 23, 2013

Poor Romy: Part One

Poor Romy
(Unbeknownst to him this is only Part One.)

Yesterday I took Romy to the Vet for his 3-month-old vaccinations.

He had his blood drawn for tests, his temperature taken (rectally,) all of his nails trimmed and to top it off 3 different vaccinations/shots.
He did not enjoy any of it and I've never heard him hiss like that before.

While we were there it was determined that he is not 3-months-old like I thought but closer to 6-months-old.
This means he will be back at the Vet's office in 3 weeks for his boosters and also 
We don't need any baby Romy's around this house.
(stay tuned for Poor Romy: Part Two)

The Vet. Dr. warned me that he would be tired and not himself for 24 hours.

As expected, Romy spent the rest of the day tucked behind the sofa in the family room.

When he did venture out he went straight for his Pillow Pet.
Remember this video?  He's still attached to it.

Today he was feeling a lot better.
He finally started eating his food again and he tried his best to sprint outside whenever a door was opened.
(we don't let him go outside yet)

He's still slightly out of sorts because he tolerates Chloe being in the same room with him.
(Chloe is on the bed and Romy is at the window.)

Normally he would be trying to play with her or just attack her because there's nothing else to do.

Enjoy these next couple of weeks Romy.

PS.  I'm still looking for more suggestions regarding my post from yesterday.  Send me an e-mail, facebook message, or a comment if you have any advice....any advice at all.  Thanks!

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